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Future Evolution of Business Analysts Using AI

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With the advancement of technologies and the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we can expect a major turnaround across the globe, due to numerous contributions of AI. In the near future “Business Analyst with the help of Artificial Intelligence” can transform workplaces across the globe. The availability of less costly hardware and upgraded software technologies– linked with recent technologies like Big Data, Cloud, and IoT – will lead to emergence of a new trend in business analysis, where day to day work will be handled by machines (using AI) and the advanced analytics strategies will be developed by Business Analysts.


The advent of Artificial Intelligence will be visible within the next 10-20 years in various sectors such as Banking and Finance, Automobile, Telecommunications, and Manufacturing Industries. With human brain still remain vital for decision making, thus Business Analysts aided with Artificial Intelligence provide optimal solutions across the globe efficiently and effectively.

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